Vintage Silver Metal Trophies

If you’re a high achiever you will like these vintage silver metal trophies. And you won’t settle for some little trophy. Instead you won’t be happy until you get the grand prize. I have to admit I like the big vintage trophy the best. It’s a stand out. If you compete then show it off. A display of vintage silver trophies can add charm and character to your space. It’s personal and they look good too. Don’t hide your trophies in a closet or closed cabinet. Show them off just like you showed off when you won them.

Vintage Silver Metal Trophies

The tradition of organized sports awarded the participants that came in first, second and third with a metal, ribbon or trophy. They would be distinguished either in size, color or material. Generally,  bronze would go to third place, silver to second and gold to the first place finisher. Obviously, these metals were chosen based on their street value and assigned to the winners accordingly. But today, times have changed with sports awards. Some people feel it is unfair to award only the top three when the less fortunate had tried so hard. And so was born the participant award. One would get a ribbon or trophy just for participating in the game. Often there is no distinction between the first and last place awards. Not sure I agree with this concept but it does seem prevalent in non professional sports. I think it’s important to learn how to win and lose. To cope with the agony of defeat and to reap the rewards of victory. But I have to admit that winning always feels better. I’ll take the big trophy please.

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vintage silver metal trophies
Be a winner with these vintage silver metal trophies



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