Vintage Soccer Player Trophy

I would really like to say that I won this vintage soccer player trophy. But this trophy is a lot older than me and I don’t even play soccer. Sorry but I’m still going to display it proudly on the bookshelf in my man cave. I don’t think anyone will know how old it is and hopefully no one asks me to go out back and kick the soccer ball around. I’ll take my chances. Which brings me to the process of winning and receiving an award.

Vintage Soccer Player Trophy

Games and sports competition have been around for centuries. Regardless of the activity there are usually two opponents, individual or team. And it always comes down in the end to someone winning and obviously someone losing. It always feels good to win and receiving a medal or trophy makes it even better. It’s something that we can hold onto and remind us of the hard work we endured to reach our goal. Yes, everyone likes a winner. So the story goes. But things have changed. In the twenty first century, sports for children now include Participation Awards. That’s right, as long as you participated in the game you deserve a trophy. It doesn’t matter that you won or lost as participating deserves as much recognition as the person who won. Sorry I don’t buy that. To me it’s an award that parents created because they didn’t want to explain the merits of losing to their children. They didn’t want little Johnny to feel the spoils of defeat. Over protecting, yes. We can all learn from both winning and losing. Losing allows us to learn what we did wrong and how to make it better next time. Not just in sports but all parts of life including school, work and relationships. Maybe I should give this vintage trophy back to it’s original owner.

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Vintage Soccer Player Trophy
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