Vintage Sparkler Boxes

What would the Fourth of July be without fireworks and vintage sparkler boxes. Not sure which I enjoy more but they are very different. We are spectators of the fireworks. Finding just the right viewing spot to watch one after another shoot into the sky and explode into a rainbow of colors. All waiting for the grand finale of an onslaught of multiple explosions all at once. It’s fun while it lasts but unfortunately, they don’t last too long. Maybe forty five minutes at best but well worth the show. After all, the Fourth of July only comes once a year.

Vintage Sparkler Boxes

Sparklers are a completely different story. Rather than being a spectator we are an active participant in the celebration. In fact, without us holding the vintage sparklers there would be no show. As a kid I remember my parents giving us each an entire box of sparklers. It seemed too good to be true. But it was. The problem was not to use up all of your sparklers in less than ten minutes. You had to pace yourself. Tiny wire sticks with silver powder coating on the end all tucked neatly into a thin narrow box. The outside of the box proudly displaying the contents when they were lit. So we held the one end in our hand and our parents would light them. Sometimes they lit right away and other times it would take awhile to heat up. But once they were lit the fireworks started and we began to run. Of course it had to be dark outside to see them at their best. We would run around the yard waving our sparklers in hand like it was the best thing on earth. Unfortunately, lit sparklers don’t last that long either. The interesting thing about sparklers is if you wave them fast like in a figure eight the light would remain. As if floating in air you could see the pattern in the night sky seconds after the sparkler was gone. Funny the little things you remember. Happy Fourth of July!

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vintage sparkler boxes
Happy Fourth of July



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