Vintage Sports Car Painting

A life size portrait of a vintage sports car painting might be all we need. Many of us dream of open highways and two seat sports cars. No potholes or bumps in the road and certainly no speed bumps to drive slowly over. No traffic lights every one hundred yards that are imperfectly timed to turn red every time. No stop or yield signs, no wrong way or one way only signs. It’s open roads and no solid double yellow lines. No left turn, no right turn, no u-turn. It’s a miracle we don’t have an accident trying to read all the signs while driving. Speed limits change from 25 to 45 miles per hour and back to 25 in the blink of an eye. It’s bumper to bumper, stop, go, yield, accelerate and brake. I just want to put my pedal to the metal and go.

Vintage Sports Car Painting

Hang this oil painting of a man tending to his vintage sports car and maybe, just maybe you can have that dream in your head. If you live on either coast in this country the open road is never going to happen. The top is down and my foot is on the pedal. No lines, no stop signs and no sirens to worry about. I am speeding down the open highway and not stuck behind a minivan or school bus braking every 100 feet. No railroad crossings and definitely no traffic lights. It’s just me, my car and the wind. I have no idea what speed I’m going and it doesn’t matter because no one else is on the road. I get to where I want to go and back in a flash. Now that’s a dream come true.

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vintage sports car painting
A man and his car



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