Vintage Steamboat Artwork

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It looks like the Titanic.

But it’s not. The French steamboat “Paris” left Le Havre, France, for it’s maiden voyage in 1921 for it’s final destination New York. The ocean liner made it to New York but unfortunately, like the Titanic, it too met tragedy early in life and in 1939 was destroyed by fire.

Now you can relive those early years of grandeur with this replica painting of the original steamboat Paris. Replacing traditional cloth canvas with reclaimed metal from old tin roofs, this painting is truly unique. Hand painted oil brings this steamboat back to life with vibrant colors on textured metal. Left in their original condition, these old roof tins still have the nail holes to prove it and make each painting one of a kind. So if you’re afraid to take a cruise on the high seas, bring the cruise ship to you with one of a kind industrial wall art.

Life preservers not included!

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The steamboat Paris

In all it’s glory

Reproduced in oil

On a salvaged metal canvas

Holes included

Bottle lights not included

But they are cool

Bon voyage!

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