Vintage Steamboat Oil Painting

Bon voyage with this vintage steamboat oil painting from

At one time in history, traveling by steamboat was all the rage with each one trying to top the one before it. Vintage steamboats have an interesting past and and each luxury liner had it’s own story. And the SS Paris portrayed in this oil painting was no exception. The French liner was completed in 1921 and was the largest French liner at that time weighing in at almost 35,000 tons. And as you can see from this painting, it had some style too. The Steamboat Paris was most proud of it’s superb service and luxurious accommodations. In fact, they went so far as to install square windows in first class cabins versus the traditional round portholes and each cabin was equipped with a private telephone to call for dinner or valet service. Very rare for a steamboat in the early 1900’s. But this steamboat became most known for it’s outstanding cuisine which is no surprise as it was stocked with the best chefs that France could offer. It is said that the SS Paris had more sea gulls following it than any other ship in hopes of grabbing scraps of the haute cuisine that were thrown overboard at the end of each meal. Those sea gulls were no Dodo birds. Unfortunately, the Steamboat Paris met it’s demise in a fire where it was docked in Paris. But it’s memory lives on in this over sized vintage oil painting. Hang this painting in a commercial space or enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. Either way it will add vintage style to your room. Bon voyage.

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vintage steamboat oil painting
The Steamboat Paris
vintage steamboat oil painting
Painted in oil on metal canvas
vintage steamboat oil painting
Bon voyage!