Vintage Steamer Trunk Cabinet

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Move over Samsonite.

The steamer trunk is back.

Before there was Samsonite and carry on luggage, steamer trunks were used to transport travelers personal belongings for trips and long stay vacations. And why not, vintage trunks could hold a lot. Made of metal or canvas and trimmed out in various hard woods, vintage steamer trunks were built industrial strong. They were equipped with drawers and brass or leather handles to carry the heavy load.

Inspired by the history of the steamer trunk, this cabinet was also built fully equipped. Three large drawers on this trunk make it perfect for storing clothes in the bedroom and the unexpected lift top cabinet makes this trunk serve double duty as a bartender in the dining room or den. And don’t miss the nickel plated exterior and distressed wood trim on this cabinet adding real vintage industrial style to any space.

So next time you squeeze everything you own into a carry on bag, think twice about a vintage steamer trunk!

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Move over Samsonite

The steamer trunk is back

Plenty of storage

Wood trim and nickel plated

Get packing!

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