Vintage Steampunk Pendant Lights

I wanted a vintage race car for Christmas.

But all I got was this painting of a race car. I like the painting so I hung it on the wall with a vintage steampunk pendant light.

Steampunk is a subculture of science fiction based on part fantasy and part industrialized technology. Steampunk design depicts how people in the 19th century envisioned modern technology and it usually featured steam powered machinery. Although today’s technology is more sleek and minimal, steampunk enthusiasts add gadgets and gizmos just for the fun of it.

Made from solid iron, this heavy pendant reflects an industrial steampunk style. Bolts and curvy iron brackets have been added to this light for no particular reason. They serve no mechanical function and are there just for fun. So put some fun back into your kitchen or den and hang some steampunk pendants over the center island or the bar counter. Either way you use these lights they will add fun and vintage steampunk design to your space.

Maybe next year I’ll get the vintage race car.

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I wanted a vintage race car for Christmas

But I got this painting instead

So I hung it with a vintage steampunk pendant

And it looks great

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