Vintage Stone Lion Sculpture

Be King of the Jungle with this vintage stone lion sculpture. If it were only that easy. But maybe it can be. Get two of these lion sculptures and flank one on each side of your front door or entranceway to your home. This stone lion is big and impressive. Exactly how you want to greet guests. It sets the stage for what lies ahead. A grand entrance with an over sized front door with a matching brass lion head door knocker. Smack dab in the middle of the door. When someone comes to the door they would have to raise the heavy brass ring and slam it down on the door a few times. Slamming would be necessary as it’s presumed the house is big making it hard to hear from the upstairs. Or we could just have a smaller ordinary home. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a big lion watching guard outside. No matter what size your home might be, it’s yours. Decorate it any way that makes you feel good.

Vintage Stone Lion Sculpture

The lion is the King of the Jungle because of its sheer strength and power. It fears no other animal. Lions maintain order in their habitat. Kings maintain order by making laws and punishing those that break them. Lions, on the other hand maintain balance by killing some other animals. If it were not for the lion, herds of antelope would overcrowd the habitat and destroy all of its grass resources. Kings are the most powerful people and considered rulers of the land. Similarly, a lion controls the land in which it lives and all the other animals that live there too. That said, I think it would be safer to stay with a stone lion.

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vintage stone lion sculpture
King of the Jungle



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