Vintage Style Industrial Pendants

Is this a set of triplets or just three vintage style industrial pendants. I’ll choose the three vintage industrial pendants. This was not a hard decision. If I could just look all day at a set of adorable triplets then it might have been a harder decision. It’s obviously a lot easier to admire three large shiny pendants hanging over the dining room table or kitchen island. All that’s required is a flick of the light switch and an occasional dusting. The alternative would demand a lot more work and attention.

Vintage Style Industrial Pendants

There could be a set of triplets sitting at the dining room table or kitchen island. Picture that. Three high chairs, three bowls of baby food and three bottles filled with formula. Of course there would be the accoutrements that go along with a set of triplets. Three pacifiers, three bibs, three sippy cups, three spoons, three outfits and a whole lot more. We’ve all seen parents with the large diaper bags that hold more than just diapers. It’s like going on safari. Bring everything and anything just in case you need it. You never know what can happen with a baby and now multiply that by three. A set of triplets can’t sit at the table and eat their food all by themselves. It requires a lot of assistance and more than one pair of hands. Let’s not forget the cleanup. That’s another job all unto itself. The more I think about it the more I believe that I made the right decision. Three pendants hanging over an empty kitchen island looks just fine to me. Lights out.

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Good things come in threes



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