Vintage Table Lamp

Vintage toy car or vintage table lamp. I say both.

Some of us hold onto the past by saving toys from our childhood. It might be a stuffed bear that has seen better days but in this case, it’s a vintage toy car. Carved from a solid block of wood, this sporty race car reminds me of the Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby. But I think it’s actually more vintage than that. Some kid probably had a lot of fun playing with this toy car which is evident from all the dents and scratches. But now it’s time to reinvent this toy car into a vintage table lamp. Drill a small hole in the seat, add a light kit with wire and this car is ready to leave the racetrack and grace the top of your favorite table or desk. Perfect for a child’s bedroom or the man cave, this table lamp will add vintage style to your space. So take your favorite vintage find and transform it into an every day household item. Vintage wood carts can easily serve as coffee tables or vintage drafting tables can transform into a work desk or dining room table. Either way you’ll have fun reinventing your favorite collectibles and maybe reinvent yourself at the same time.

It’s a checkered flag.

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vintage table lamp

Vintage toy car

vintage table lamp

Or table lamp

vintage table lamp

I say both

vintage table lamp

It’s a checkered flag

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