Vintage Top Hat

It’s 1935 and Fred Astaire is putting on a vintage top hat just like this one and stepping out. He’s also doing a bang up job tap dancing his way through the infamous song Top Hat that helped nominate the film for an Academy Award. Music and lyrics for the song were written by Irving Berlin but the dancing and choreography were all done by the star himself, Fred Astaire. He spends a good amount of time dancing and singing solo on stage but he is joined by fifty back up dancers to make this a musical spectacular. It reminds me a little of the Rockettes. Quite the show.

Vintage Top Hat

I like this top hat and the lyrics to the song because it can be fun to get dressed up and go out. I don’t think we do it enough. Too often we rely on comfort. Sweatpants, sneakers and a cotton t-shirt. The combination is hard to resist and not a good habit to fall into. First, we lounge at home in our sweatpants. Read the paper and watch a little tv. The mail is here, let me go outside in my sweats. See a neighbor so we chat them up in our sweats. Feeling a little hungry. Run to the grocery store in my sweatpants. I think you see where I’m heading with this. Before you know it you’re living every day in sweatpants. Time for a reminder with these lyrics.

I’m putting on my top hat. Tying up my white tie. Brushing off my tails. I’m duding up my shirt front. Putting in the shirt studs. Polishing my nails.

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vintage top hat
Putting on my top hat!



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