Vintage Toy Car Model Kit

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This is no ordinary toy car model kit.

Back in 1909, the Roebling brothers bought an old car manufacturing company and they named it Mercer after their location in Mercer County, New Jersey. The brothers went on to create a classic race car also named The Mercer. The Mercer quickly became one of the most advanced cars of it’s time. Hitting a record speed of 70 mph when most race cars could not achieve 50mph, The Mercer went on to win six major American races and soon every great race car driver was behind the wheel of a Mercer.

We can’t afford the real Mercer, which now fetches $1 million at auction, but we can have the next best thing, the Mercer toy model kit. Whatever your passion, collect it and display it. Something as simple as toy car model kits displayed on a vintage wood cabinet can add real industrial style to a space. These toy model kits are vintage and add just the right amount of color to the vintage industrial furniture in this room.

So whatever happened to the classic Mercer?

Sadly, the Roebling brothers went down with The Titanic and that was the end of The Mercer.

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The Mercer

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