Vintage Toy Pedal Car and Coffee Table Table

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Go speed racer!

If I could fit in this vintage toy car I would trade in my jeep and pedal my way to work.

Art doesn’t always have to hang on the wall. Be bold and accessorize your home with vintage finds that fit on the coffee table, console or dining table. Look for accents that are out of the ordinary, like this vintage pedal car and go big. Forget that small dish or vase on the corner of the table and fill it up. Rusted to perfection, this vintage car is still in mint condition. Display this vintage toy car on your coffee or dining table and get the wow factor for your space. This vintage car also looks great with wood. So clear off that coffee table, display your favorite vintage find, and look for the checkered flag!

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Vintage pedal car

Too bad it’s only a toy

Cool steering wheel

Great pedals

And racing wheels?

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