Vintage Toy Race Car

I want this. I mean I really want this vintage toy race car for Christmas. I don’t care that it was made for kids. If I can’t squeeze myself into it I’ll put it in my office. That way I can look at it every day. It doesn’t matter that I can’t drive it. Or that it’s fueled by foot power. A little selfish. I don’t think so. At one time or another every man wants a cool red race car. And I think even some women want it too. If you get married forget about it. No three car garage, forget it. Storage fees, no way. If I can’t have the real thing I would gladly settle for a vintage toy race car like this one. After all, there’s a little kid inside all of us.

Vintage Toy Race Car

My first car was a 1969 Mercury Cougar. Navy blue, bucket seats, center console and retractable headlights. One of them would never go up and down. But I didn’t care. I drove it to school every day and parked it right out front. In those days you didn’t have to worry about hurried drivers banging your door. You didn’t have to park it a mile away. This way I could admire it from the window during fifth period Biology class. I never liked that subject anyway. So I drove my race car back and forth to school every day and after school I had to find a reason to drive it some more. I loved that car. It was washed and waxed weekly and sometimes in between. It was the bomb. Maybe that’s dating myself a bit but I really liked that car. Then one day my Dad asked to borrow it. I know that’s strange. It’s usually the other way around. But I let him have it. My Dad showed up later that day but without the car. It had met an ugly demise never to be seen again. A left hand turn made too quickly in busy traffic had ended in disaster. Now I will settle for this little red vintage toy race car.

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vintage toy race car
I want this



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