Vintage Toy Truck

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It was love at first sight.

I saw this vintage toy truck and I just had to have it. I mean who could resist a toy truck painted in robin’s egg blue? Fully equipped with real leather tires and fire engine red hubcaps, this truck has made my dreams come true. And with a bonus cab in the back to carry little plastic army men, this vintage truck has it all.

Not sure I will let anyone play with my new vintage truck but I will certainly put it out on display for all to admire. Vintage finds are meant to be enjoyed so take your favorite things and put them out. Every day I walk by my favorite truck and I have to resist playing with the steering wheel or tailgate. But I love my truck.

So shop vintage and make your dreams come true. Because I don’t like to share my toys!

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My favorite toy truck

It’s blue

It’s vintage

And it’s all mine!

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