Vintage Upholstered Settee

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Sofa or settee?

Just when I thought I knew the difference. This is an upholstered settee.
The settee was first created in the 17th century and was made with a wood back and seat. The settee was similar to an extended armchair that allowed two or more people to sit. Wider than a chair and a half, but not as long as a sofa, a settee can be thought of as a smaller sofa. In later years, the settee was made more comfortable with upholstered fabric and in the 18th century was replaced by the larger and deeper sofa. Recently, the settee became popular again for it’s smaller and narrower size for use in bedrooms and smaller living spaces. The settee is also used today in commercial spaces where family style dining has gained popularity. Pull a settee up to the side of a large wood dining table and guests can easily share a meal and eat in privacy with the high upholstered back.

Sofa or settee? Depends on how you want to use it.

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Or settee

I’ll take either

As long as they look this good

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