Vintage Wallpaper Print Rollers

You’ll never guess so I’m just going to tell you that this is a collection of vintage wallpaper print rollers. Your first guess would probably be an assortment of paint rollers but I don’t think you would have reached wallpaper rollers. That’s because we are so used to seeing the end product. A design or pattern on the rolled paper with a prepasted back that is ready to hang on the wall. But it wasn’t always that easy. Wallpaper dates as far back as the 1700’s and they often used rubber rollers like these with the pattern cut out on them. The rollers were then dipped into the paint color of choice and applied to the paper. Not an easy process. Today it’s all automated with machines and there are even web sites where you can upload your own design and make custom wallpaper. Which brings me to choosing a wallpaper.

Vintage Wallpaper Print Rollers

It’s easy to paint the walls in your home. We are all drawn to certain colors and the job can be done in a day. Instant style. But wallpaper can add warmth and personal charm to your home. Unfortunately, it takes more time than going through paint charts and rolling a brush. The process of choosing a wallpaper print for the bath or hallway can be a long and arduous task. It often requires bringing book after book of samples home to hold against the wall. Choose patterns that speak to you and that you like. So often I see geometric patterns and designs on a wall that could be used anywhere. They don’t say anything about the occupants that live in the home. Go with what speaks to you but remember you’re covering the entire wall with that design. Now get rolling.

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Vintage Wallpaper Print Rollers
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