Vintage Warehouse Light Pendants

UFO’s or vintage warehouse light pendants. You be the judge because apparently everyone has thought they have seen a UFO at some point in their lives but me. If you don’t believe it just take the time to google UFO. Now that we have the internet it’s easy for anyone to post their own individual experience with a UFO sighting. Before the internet it wasn’t that easy and we relied mostly on the military to record and report any unusual sightings in the sky. Or more commonly referred to as Unidentified Flying Objects.

Vintage Warehouse Light Pendants

The first official recorded sighting of a UFO was back in 1905 and there were several now and then until the 1990’s. Since then, sightings of unknown objects in the sky have grown exponentially. Some people attribute that to easy access to the internet while others, let’s say believe it is life sources outside our own hemisphere. I’m not sure what to believe but if you read some of the accounts it’s hard to dismiss it altogether. There have been sighting of the same object by countless people across the country and even to other continents. They range from detailed descriptions of alien spacecraft to colorful fireballs in the sky. And many of the sightings are from reputable pilots, scientists and military personnel. It really makes you think twice about life forms outside of our own or is it very sophisticated espionage conducted by other nations or governments. In any case, it really makes you wonder. Did they see life from another planet or was it just these very cool vintage warehouse light pendants. You be the judge.

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vintage warehouse light pendants
UFO’s or vintage warehouse light pendants



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