Vintage Watch Face Wall Print

I’m watching you or is this vintage watch face wall print watching me. We all know that a watch is normally worn on the wrist. One quick turn of the arm or wrist and we can get the exact time of day. Not a big deal but when you have a cell phone that rarely leaves your side who needs to wear a watch. The cell phone almost always displays the time of day. So in honor of the neglected wristwatch we have five different vintage watch faces that you can hang on your wall.

Vintage Watch Face Wall Print

The Helbros watch, short for Helvetic Brothers, was started back in the early 1900’s and manufactured through most of the century. The company was started by William Helbein, a Russian immigrant who came to the United States through Ellis Island with his family to escape German persecution. Helbein quickly became an American success story. He sold any style watch for any size pocket and used all forms of media to promote his brand. Print advertising, radio, catalogues, shops and dealers. It wasn’t long before Helbros became a major US watch company and Helbein became the first chairman of the American Watch Assemblers Association. Unfortunately, William died at the age of 70 and without his leadership the company quickly declined and eventually closed in the 1970’s. But we have immortalized the Helbros American spirit with this vintage watch face wall print. Not intended to be worn on your wrist.

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vintage watch face wall print
I’m watching you



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