Vintage Bikes

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What does a high end luxury condo project in New York City put on display in their sleek ultra modern sales gallery?  High end vintage bicycles of course.  Located at Five Franklin Place, what I liked about these English touring bikes were the magazines they had in their front baskets.  Not to mention the saddle seats, made by Brooks of England.  This particular saddle was patented by Brooks in the late 1800’s and featured in their 1935 catalogue as a lightweight seat designed for daily city touring. Translation, wider seat for longer sitting!  This vintage bike seat sells for $115  with a matching Challenge Tool Bag for $60.

Only two doors down, was this great classic flyer painted in yellow with advertising for the Working Class.  Don’t ask me who they are, I only know they had a sneaker hanging from a crystal chandelier in the window with a sign that said, Keep Calm and Carry On.  So I did.

As for me, growing up I had a gold stingray bike with a banana seat and sissy bar.  What a classic!  Check out for more vintage home furnishings.

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Great magazine in the bike basket

English touring bikes

Brooks tool bag

Brooks saddle seat

Classic Flyer

Keep Calm and Carry On

My gold stingray, what a bike!

Check out for vintage home furnishings.




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