Vintage Woman Reading Oil Painting

A woman reading might be considered ordinary but not when she is painted in oil.

Dressed in vintage clothing, you can’t help but wonder what this perfectly coiffed woman is reading. She certainly isn’t ready to paint the town but we can enjoy looking at her in this over sized oil painting on canvas. Meticulously painted by hand, this oil painting took some time to complete. Especially given it’s size at nearly six feet wide. I think she might be reading a magazine but probably the vintage version of Marie Claire. Hang this oil painting on an exposed brick wall in a commercial space, loft or behind the sofa in your living room. This painting can set the mood for your space with soft lighting and casual dining or a more serious tone in the study. Either way this oil painting will add vintage charm to your room.

I want what she’s reading.

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A woman reading

Hand painted in oil

On canvas

What is she reading?

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