Vintage Wood and Metal Chairs

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Curtains up!

Take your seats the show is about to start.

Actually, take your vintage seats. These are no ordinary vintage wood chairs. Constructed of heavy industrial metal, these wood chairs were made for commercial use. And it doesn’t get more commercial than a movie theater.

Imagine how much use a chair in the movie theater gets. Patrons come in, patrons go out and more patrons come in. And that’s how it goes all day long and night. So these vintage wood chairs had to be built industrial strong and they have withstood the test of time. Today we have our home movie theaters with big cushy upholstered chairs fully equipped with cup holders. But these vintage chairs have wood seats and backs and that’s why they have lasted for more than a century.

Now take your seats and pass the popcorn please.

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Take your seats

The show is about to start

Vintage wood chairs

Built industrial strong

Roll the film!

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