Vintage Wood and Metal School Chairs

Pull up a school chair and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner in vintage style.

You don’t have to be in class to sit in a vintage school chair. Thanksgiving and the holidays can be fun to share with family and friends. But fitting everyone around the dinner table is always a challenge. Finally there is a solution and it doesn’t include number 2 lead pencils. No testing required but you do have to bring your own school chair. These dining tables are big so bring it on with plenty of vintage school chairs. Made from industrial strength metal and hard wood, these vintage school chairs are the perfect solution to crowd control around the holiday table. There are no arms on these chairs so it’s easy to squeeze extra seating and the older folks can sit at the end of the table where they belong. So sit back and relax, these school chairs provide plenty of elbow room. But remember to keep those elbows off the table.

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No number 2 pencils required

To sit at this table

With plenty of elbow room

Using vintage school chairs

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