Vintage Wood Bathroom Vanity

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Ready for a hot bath?

Not in these vintage bathtubs.

Vintage bathtubs have a lot of charm and are in high demand. So why not fill a vintage tub with your favorite collection of vintage finds. Who would think that bathtubs could make such a great storage solution. Filled with vintage ice skates, shoe molds and wood spools, these tubs are running over with vintage artifacts.

Vintage tubs and wood vanities can add warmth and charm to a bathroom. An old porcelain tub and a weathered pine vanity are reminiscent of the old days and make the second busiest room in the house all the more comfortable.

So next time you shop for a bathroom vanity, let your tub runneth over!

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A collection of vintage bathtubs

Filled with vintage artifacts

Vintage wood spools

Vintage ice skates

And vintage shoe molds

My tub runneth over!

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