Vintage Wood Bathroom Vanity

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Vintage ice box or bathroom vanity?

Fortunately, I’m not old enough to have memories of the horse drawn ice wagon pulling up to the house. But in the mid 19th century, the daily visit of the ice man was a common sight. Regular door to door deliveries of a large block of ice was as common an event as the milk man.

Inspired by the design of a vintage ice box, this bathroom vanity can certainly hold more than a block of ice. Fully equipped with vintage industrial door latches, similar to those on a vintage ice box or refrigerator, you may have to look twice at this bathroom vanity. If not for the polished granite and recessed sink, you might check if the contents were still cold. Constructed of solid wood with louvered doors, this vanity will add vintage style to your bathroom.

So next time you shop for a bathroom vanity, remember the ice man cometh.

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Bathroom vanity

Inspired by a vintage ice box

With vintage latches

And plenty of room for ice!

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