Vintage Wood Bird Cages

Bird in a gilded cage or just vintage wood bird cages. At first glance you know these are not your average bird cages.  They might be vintage, and made of wood, but the addition of a hard wired light bulb transforms these bird cages into one of a kind chandeliers. As I look up at these cages I think of the birds that once occupied them. They all have small perches for resting and they were all equipped with bowls for food and water. Although not that big they do look comfortable for a bird’s life. And each has it’s own door but with the appropriate latch and locking mechanism. Which makes me wonder, did they feel like a bird in a guided cage?

Vintage Wood Bird Cages

The expression ‘bird in a gilded cage’ is a metaphor that basically means riches cannot  buy happiness. It all started back in 1904 with the smash hit by Arthur Lamb and Harry Von Tilzer. Yes they did have smash hit songs back then. They wrote the sentimental ballad A Bird in a Gilded Cage and it went on to sell more than two million copies of sheet music. Unfortunately, they didn’t have iTunes back then. If so, they could have sold a lot more. Anyway, birds have wings and are meant to fly free. Living in a cage precludes them from living the life they were meant to live. And so, to be like a bird in a gilded cage is to live in luxury but without the freedom. We can have all the money in the world and to buy whatever our heart desires. But to have no family, friends or special someone in our life leaves us empty and living in a world unto ourselves. Prisoners of our own bodies and minds. Please note, no birds were harmed in the making of these bird cage chandeliers.

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Vintage Wood Bird Cages
Bird in a Gilded Cage



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