Vintage Wood Birdhouses

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Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.

Finally have a place to call home. No more hanging out on telephone wires scaring women and little children. These menacing black birds can now hang out in these vintage wood birdhouses.

The 1963 suspense and horror film The Birds was just a make believe story about a series of unexplained bird attacks on people but these vintage birdhouses are the real deal. Birdhouses are usually seen hanging outside on a pole or on a tree. But vintage industrial design let’s you break the norm and fill your wall with not one but fifty vintage wood birdhouses. I’m not suggesting that everyone run out and buy a truck load of vintage birdhouses. But I would encourage following your passion and personalizing your space with your favorite collection of vintage finds.

Now where are those damn birds.

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The movie The Birds

Was a little creepy

And so are these birdhouses

Go vintage

With industrial design

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