Vintage Wood Bowling Pins

Don’t be a pinhead and throw these vintage wood bowling pins in the trash. They may look old and useless but they have a story to tell. Bowling may not be as popular as it used to be but theses wood pins have seen a lot. In fact, the earliest known forms of bowling date as far back as Ancient Egypt, 3200 BC. And then it was played by the Roman Empire and later around 400 AD it was played by the Germans to cleanse themselves from sin. But let’s play it forward a bit.

Vintage Wood Bowling Pins

Bowling in the United States began as a gambling game and was mainly associated with bars and saloons. But prohibition during the 1930’s forced bowling to disassociate itself from drinking and it became a common sport played by many Americans outside of local bars and pubs. The oldest surviving bowling lane in the United States was built in 1846 as part of the Roseland Cottage estate in Woodstock, Connecticut. Bowling was popular back then and was even enjoyed by President Harry S. Truman. In fact, he liked bowling so much that bowling lanes were built on the first floor of the White House. The lanes were later moved to the Executive Office Building but brought back by President Nixon in 1969 when a one lane alley was built in the basement of the White House North Portico. Not bad to have your own personal bowling alley. If only these old pins could talk. They would be anything but a pinhead.

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vintage wood bowling pins
Don’t be a pinhead



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