Vintage Wood Cabinet Doors

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What’s behind door number one?

Bob Barker and The Price is Right is an American television icon. Contestants would win their way through the show to pick one of three doors in anticipation of winning a shiny brand new car. Unfortunately, the game didn’t always end that way. Like this wood door turned cabinet, you don’t always get what you want.

Vintage wood doors in an entryway can turn an ordinary room into a great room. And a vintage wood door on the front of a house can add a lot of curb appeal. Either way you open the door, a vintage wood door can add warmth and charm to a home. But doors don’t always have to hang in a doorway. Take a vintage wood door and create your own one of a kind cabinet. This wood cabinet can’t hold a brand new car but there’s plenty of room to store plates, dishes or your favorite vintage find.

I pick door number three.

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Door number one

Door number two

Or door number three


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