Vintage Wood Carousel Horse

Off to the races with this vintage wood carousel horse. Why make a trip to the racetrack when you can race your own horses at home. Of course, these horses can’t run. But if they could it would be fast. And they look good too. Use these wood carved horses any where in your home to add visual interest and vintage charm. And no one will stop you from taking a wager or two from family and friends.

Vintage Wood Carousel Horse

I personally like to bet on a closer and not the front runner. Too many times I have cheered for the horse that breaks from the gate first, leads the pack through the first half mile and then drops to last in the home stretch. It’s the closer that you have to watch out for. The horse that breaks from the gate almost last, studies the pack and let’s the other horses run out of steam. This horse stays close behind the pack, conserving his energy while the others run at full speed. He waits until the final turn to make his move around the pack. While others are running on their last leg, the closer is just beginning to show his strength. Coming down the home stretch the closer kicks into high gear passing the other horses as though they were standing still. Much patience is needed with a closer but it’s all worth it in the end. More money in your pocket. And they’re off.

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vintage wood carousel horse
Off to the races



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