Vintage Wood Chandelier

How to make a vintage wood chandelier may not be as easy as you think.

Most of us think of chandeliers hanging over the dining room table with cut crystals and beads attached to a shiny metal or brass frame. We see them every day in the homes of our family and friends. But if you want a chandelier that is memorable, one that makes your room unforgettable, start with an inspiration. Great artists don’t just sit down and paint a picture and musicians don’t just sit down and compose a song. We hear stories about what inspired them to create their art. And it’s the same for interior design. Inspiration pertains to furniture as well whether it be a table, chair or in this case, a vintage wood chandelier. We found this vintage architectural element that was made completely from solid wood. It looks like it may have been part of a building or sculpture at one time and the domed shape is unique and eye catching. This vintage find is the perfect inspiration for a true one of a kind chandelier. I can picture this over sized wood shade, at five feet in diameter, hanging over a large dining room table or better yet hanging in a grand two story foyer with double front doors. Envision this wood dome lit up with vintage light bulbs and left in it’s natural finish or stained in a white washed gray. All great things start with an inspiration and a vision. And nothing great was ever built in a day. So next time you want to hang a chandelier, make it special and get inspired.

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vintage wood chandelier
Get inspired
vintage wood chandelier
With a vintage find
vintage wood chandelier
Like this wood dome
vintage wood chandelier
And make your own vintage wood chandelier