Vintage Wood Crates

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The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

But if it does, you can pick it up with these vintage wood crates.

Once used to transport apples from the orchard to London’s Queen Square Market, these wood crates are ready to hold apples in your home. Wood crates are a great storage solution and add a lot more vintage charm than plastic containers. They can be used to hold towels in the bathroom, toys in the kid’s room or logs by the fireplace. Made from solid wood with a metal band handle, these vintage wood crates can hold a lot more than apples. But if you want to use them in the kitchen, these crates are ready to work there too.

So next time you see an apple on the ground, pick it up with a vintage wood crate!

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Green apples

And wood crates

Make a great combination

And the sailboat helps too!

Good enough to eat.

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