Vintage Wood Crates

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Sosoye is a small town in Belgium.

It has a population of only 150 but is known as one of the most beautiful villages in the country.

So it’s no wonder that this small town can produce beautiful vintage wood crates.

Vintage crates were always made of solid wood, no composite materials. And these crates were usually marked with the product they held and their place of origin. If you’re lucky enough to find old wood crates with their vintage markings, don’t store them away, display them proudly for all to see. These vintage wood crates still hold their original bottles, and they’re a little dusty. But that’s expected when you’re over a 100 years old.

So next time you’re in Belgium, visit Sosoye and their vintage wood crates!

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Vintage wood crates

Straight from Belgium

With original bottles and markings

Visit Sosoye!

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