Vintage Wood Crates and Bowls

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Microwave safe.

I don’t think microwaves had been invented when these vintage bowls were made. Not sure I would eat from these vintage bowls but I would certainly use them for display in the kitchen cupboard.

Finding true vintage wood crates can be fun but it’s even more exciting to discover what’s packed inside the crates. These vintage wood crates were found in near mint condition but wish I could say the same for the bowls that were tucked away inside them. When designing a space with vintage style we focus on the table, chairs and lighting. But it’s just as important to accent your space with your favorite vintage finds. Stack some vintage wood crates behind the bar counter or display vintage bowls on the kitchen shelf. It’s the small things that make a space great.

So start opening those wood crates. You never know what you might find.

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Microwave safe?

Not when these bowls were made

Great bowls

And great crates

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