Vintage Wood Crates

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Got crates? Well if you don’t, you better get some.

Vintage wood crates can add vintage charm to your home. Not to mention they can provide great storage and get you organized in a real industrial way. Vintage wood crates were used to transport produce and other products from suppliers to distributors. And once their job was done, they were often discarded. But vintage wood crates have become a rarity and demand is high. Wood crates can be used to hold just about anything from books to plants to the more familiar produce in your kitchen.

These wood crates have been reproduced with real wood slats and old fashioned wire mesh. And there’s the added bonus of cloth handles that make it easy to carry these crates from room to room. Or more importantly, the handles just look good. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and get crated!

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Stacked wood crates

With strong cloth handles

And tough metal corners

This wood crate looks good with plants

Or produce

I thought they were potatoes but I think they are gourds?

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