Vintage Wood Croquet Balls

One of my favorite childhood memories was playing with vintage wood croquet balls. It was often a family event playing with my brother and sister. Being the youngest of the three there was always pressure to outperform my older siblings. After all, they were four and five years older than me. A fact that often bothered me back then but now that we’re all older I prefer it that way. Croquet was an easy sport to play in that there were no required uniforms or equipment. Wire hoops, a few wood balls and croquet mallets were all that was needed. And a little eye hand coordination. Stick the wire hoops in the ground with a stick at each end of the playing field and you’re ready to go. So on a hot summer day it was the game of choice. Pick a color and start hitting the ball through the hoops. Claim victory with a final hit to the stake in the ground at the end of the yard.

Vintage Wood Croquet Balls

Croquet has been around since the mid 1800’s and noted in art and literature ever since. Norman Rockwell depicted the game of croquet often in his works and notably his painting entitled Croquet. H. G. Wells wrote The Croquet Player, which used croquet as a metaphor for the way in which people confront their own existence. The children’s novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland portrays a hedgehog as a croquet ball, a flamingo as the mallet and playing cards as the hoops. In more modern times, the geography game Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, portrays one of the characters as a world class croquet player, along with two of his other friends. So the game of croquet has been around for quite some time. If I could only find my mallet I would play a round with these vintage wood croquet balls.

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vintage wood croquet balls
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