Vintage Wood Cupboard and Top Hat

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It’s that time of year again.

Yes, it’s the holidays when most of us are fortunate to spend time with family and close friends. And we like to get dressed up on this special occasion too. I like vintage and nothing speaks louder when you want to get dressed up in your best clothes than a vintage red sport coat and top hat.

If you like vintage furniture for the home, why not shop vintage for your clothing too. This vintage clothing shop comes fully equipped with vintage clothes and vintage furniture. This vintage black cupboard is perfect for the den or man cave. And feel free to fill this wood cupboard up with vintage artifacts like drawings, tin cans and wood spools.

This shop has my favorite vintage coats and top hats. What better color to wear on the holidays than a bright red jacket. And the look isn’t complete without a hand made vintage top hat. So don’t limit yourself to just vintage furniture, shop vintage clothing too.

Now where can I wear this red jacket and top hat. Happy holidays.

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It’s the holidays

Time to shop vintage

Vintage red sport coats

Perfect for the holidays

And don’t forget your top hat

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