Vintage Wood Horse Sculptures

These vintage wood horse sculptures remind me of my childhood and riding on the merry go round. It was located on the boardwalk and was filled with beautiful carved wood horses that moved up and down. There was an occasional carriage that didn’t move for those that couldn’t handle the up and down movement while spinning in a circle. This particular ride was special not only for the horses but it went fast. Making it quite hard to grab the brass ring. How I wanted to get that ring but it always seemed beyond my grasp. Little did I know that my arms weren’t long enough to ever get the prize. Nonetheless, it was fun riding those horses. Now you can relive those days with these vintage horse sculptures. Use them anywhere in your home as a design accent and they will add vintage charm to your space.

Vintage Wood Horse Sculptures

The first steam powered merry go round, also know as a carousel or a roundabout in Britain, was invented in England by Thomas Bradshaw and was introduced at the Aylsham Fair. But the concept of a carousel has an interesting past and dates back even further. It originated with the early traditions of jousting in Europe and the Middle East. Knights would gallop in a circle while tossing balls to one another. It required great skill and horsemanship. By the 17th century, the balls had been replaced with spears and the riders had to catch rings that were hanging from poles suspended overhead. The game was played by many aristocrats but soon spread to the more common folk. And before long, it was a popular ride among all children at fairgrounds across Europe. Did you know that carousels turn clockwise in North America but counter clockwise in Europe. Get me off I’m getting dizzy.

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vintage wood horse sculptures
Get on the Carousel



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