Vintage Wood Medicine Cabinet

Signs of OCD or just a well organized vintage wood medicine cabinet. Neatly lined vintage medicine bottles that are perfectly spaced apart from one another. A multitude of small wood drawers each appropriately labeled for the contents inside. This may seem like the work of someone suffering with an obsessive compulsive disorder but I like to think of it as just good organization skills.

Vintage Wood Medicine Cabinet

I used to think that I suffered occasionally from OCD.  I like to have the bed made a certain way, the bath towels folded another way and my clothes to hang not just any way. I like the house to be clean, dirty dishes put away, empty bottles thrown away and coats to be hung away. But after further research I think I’m just a little over organized. And here’s why. Obsessive compulsive disorder is medically defined as a metal disorder where one feels the need to check things repeatedly, perform routine tasks repeatedly and have the same thoughts repeatedly. They are also unable to control these thoughts or activities. Examples of obsessive activities include repeated hand washing, counting things over and over and continuous checking to see if the door is locked. I don’t see making the bed or folding towels neatly in this diagnosis. Thank God. OCD also effects one’s daily life. So preoccupied with completing these routine tasks over and over that they don’t have time for what’s important. Like paying attention to their jobs or their loved ones. So glad that I don’t have OCD. I just need to finish stacking these bottles and then I can wash my hands. And then check if the door is locked.

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vintage wood medicine cabinet
OCD or just well organized



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