Vintage Wood Mirror

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Picture perfect.

Sometimes all you need is a vintage mirror, a potted plant and a wall sconce.

Function is good. Vintage furniture and accents in the home that not only look good but function as new can be a good thing. But sometimes it’s nice to have some things that just look good. Forget having the right number of chairs, the right size table and enough storage to fit all your necessities. Find a small corner in your home that is not critical to every day living and just decorate it. Hang a vintage mirror on the wall, get outside and pot your favorite plant and hang a cool wall sconce. Make a space in your home that is picture perfect that you can enjoy every time you walk by it.

So next time you shop for vintage industrial furniture, buy something unexpected and make your perfect picture!

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Picture perfect

Vintage mirror

Potted plant

And a wall sconce

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