Vintage Wood Pedestal Dining Table

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I like this dining table so much that I would put it on a pedestal.

But it already has one. Pedestal tables always make dining easier. You can always squeeze that extra chair around the table. More friends, more chairs, no problem. Round dining tables with a pedestal base are more comfortable because there’s no corner leg to bang your knee against.

Made from solid elm wood, this dining table has a sunburst pattern wood top with a vintage style pedestal base. Gather the family around this dining table in the kitchen for breakfast and lunch or dress it up for formal dinners in the dining room. Either way, this wood pedestal table will add just the right amount of vintage style to your space.

Now pull up another chair, we can all fit!

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Pedestal dining table

Made of solid elm wood

With a vintage style base

Pull up a chair!

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