Vintage Wood Pedestal Table

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Got books?

Put them on this vintage wood pedestal table.

You don’t need a bookcase to store your books. Show them off front and center on this vintage table. Made from solid wood, this pedestal table can easily hold a collection of vintage books. Sometimes a bookcase can just blend into the wall. And if you have your favorite collection of books on display they just tend to fade away as well. Pick your favorite wood table, put it in the front entryway and pile on the books. It doesn’t really matter how the vintage books are stacked as long as they fill the table. Add a plant or two and you’ve created your own welcome wagon into your home.

So forget the pretty vase of flowers and fill your wood pedestal table with some vintage books. It will add smarts and personality to your space.

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Got books?

Show them off

On a wood pedestal table

And bring vintage style

To your space

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