Vintage Wood Pulleys

Block and tackle football or vintage wood pulleys. Sorry football fans but this is a short course on the laws of physics using a block and tackle pulley system. We can study the science behind using pulleys to lift heavy objects but let’s not forget that you can also use vintage pulleys to accent your industrial design space. Use these pulleys on a wood table or wire them to hang over your dining room table. Either way they will add vintage industrial style to your room. Now back to the science.

Vintage Wood Pulleys

Block and tackle is a system of two or more pulleys with a rope and cable threaded between them that is used to lift or pull heavy objects. The pulleys are assembled together to form blocks and then the blocks are paired so that one is fixed and one moves with the heavy object. Still with me? The rope is threaded through the pulleys to provide a mechanical leverage that magnifies the force applied to the rope. That would be you or me pulling on the rope. It’s the mechanical leverage of the tackle that determines how easy it is to lift the object by pulling on the rope. It seemed a lot harder in High School but I think I get it now. Maybe it was just sitting in those uncomfortable seats waiting for the bell to ring that made it harder. But in any case I get it now but would rather suspend a vintage pulley with a light bulb over my dining room table. Let’s go lift something heavy.

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vintage wood pulleys
Get lifting with these vintage wood pulleys



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