Vintage Wood Santos Figures

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Stand up and be counted.

That’s exactly what these vintage wood Santos figures are doing.

Santos, or Saint in English, originated in Spain in the early 1500’s. Santos figures were usually carved from wood or ivory and depicted saints, angels or forms of the Holy Trinity. A Santero is a wood carver who makes the figures but it can also be a person that collects Santos figures for religious reasons or just as a hobby.

There are two types of Santos figures, mannequin style or fully painted Santos. Mannequin Santos figures usually have removable limbs and are sometimes caged into a frame to build shape, also know as a Bastidor. A Detailado is a Santos figure that is fully painted with significant details.

So stand up and be counted. Santos, five centuries and still standing.

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Santos figures

Made of wood

And hand painted

Stand up and be counted

Five hundred years

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