Vintage Wood School Chairs

Vintage school chairs on the wall.

If you’re a fan of vintage school chairs, having a few chairs around the kitchen table might not be enough. So why not display your collection of vintage chairs on the wall. They certainly will get the attention of family and friends. And what’s better is that you can enjoy your vintage school chairs well beyond lunch time and dinner. Now this vintage design aesthetic might not be for everyone. But these wood school chairs on the wall make this space unique and enjoyable for the occupant that loves looking at vintage school chairs. Maybe it’s the way these chairs are constructed with solid wood and industrial metal or a memory of years gone by. But maybe it’s just the way these vintage school chairs look. Either way, vintage industrial design let’s you express yourself like no other interior design style.

Now take a seat.

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Vintage school chairs

Hanging on the wall

Might be crazy

Or not.

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