Vintage Wood Shoe Molds

Wall art or just vintage wood shoe molds. It’s time to come out of the closet. No more fear. It doesn’t matter what others think. Be free to express yourself. Even if it means hanging a collection of vintage wood shoe molds on the wall. What did you think I meant. Take those shoe molds out of their shoes and let them be free. Free from the worry of doing what is expected. No more hiding inside a leather shoe under cover and under wraps. It’s time to loosen the ties that bind them and reach their full potential.

Vintage Wood Shoe Molds

If only freedom of expression were as simple as loosening our shoelaces. It would be a lot easier and we would all be a lot happier. Sometimes it takes a bold move or a major event for us to see our hidden potential. The ability to look beyond the judgement of others. To see that what really matters is how we perceive ourselves. Once realized, the world is yours. It takes some risk and  a lot of courage. Sometimes there’s as much fear as what was holding us back. But in the end it’s worth being who you truly were meant to be. Even if it means hanging a bunch of old shoe molds on the wall. Open your closet.

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vintage wood shoe molds
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