Vintage Wood Shoe Molds

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What’s your shoe size?

No matter what shoe, we have your size.

When did shoe molds become vintage? Made from solid wood with metal heels, vintage shoe molds were sculpted to fit the shoe of your choice. And they weren’t limited to adult shoes. If you’re lucky, you might come across some vintage shoe molds for children.

Shoe molds can make a great accent to a vintage industrial style room. These molds can be displayed on a bookshelf but they can also be hung on the wall in a grouping or mounted on pedestals to create unique one of a kind artwork. Get creative with your vintage finds to add real industrial style to your space. Find it, collect it and display it.

So next time you try on a new pair of shoes, buy a shoe mold to keep them looking like new!

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Vintage shoe molds

In every size

Made of solid wood

And ready to make their way

Into your home!

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