Vintage Wood Shutters

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Shutter my world.

And I would be a happy camper.

When did wood shutters become vintage? It wasn’t that long ago that every home had windows flanked with wood shutters. They were painted in complimentary colors to the siding and added that extra bit of curb appeal to the home. Today, wood shutters have been replaced with vinyl, PVC and other plastic products to preserve that good as new look. But take some old wood shutters, hang them on the side of a barn above a park bench and you’ve created a vintage retreat.

Wood shutters on a house can take a lot of wear and tear from mother nature and require frequent maintenance. As you can see from these vintage shutters, they need some serious scraping and sanding but I like them just the way they are.

So next time you think about throwing out those old wood shutters, think again and create your own vintage retreat.

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Shutter my world

With vintage wood shutters

Add whimsy and color

To create your own vintage retreat

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