Vintage Wood Trestle Dining Table

This wood dining table should look familiar.

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and in most homes across the country, the pots and pans have been scrubbed, the dishes have been washed and the silverware tucked away. What’s left is a bare dining room table and a lot of empty seats. No turkey, no cranberry sauce and no spills because this dining table has been wiped clean like it all never happened. But not far away is the next holiday when family will gather again to count their blessings and celebrate with good friends and good food. Rest assured, this dining table will fall into line and be ready to welcome guests for dinner again.

Made from solid pine wood, this dining table was inspired by the vintage trestle table. Sturdy wood legs and a solid planked wood top, this dining table can handle the rowdiest of crowds and even a few table top dancers. The vintage trestle construction of this table also allows for plenty of seating with ample leg room on the sides and both ends. So if you’re planning to throw a party this holiday season, do it in vintage style and choose a wood trestle dining table.

Now get ready to set that empty table.

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The day after Thanksgiving

And a bare dining table

But the lights still look good

With vintage style

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